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NuAfropolitan is a Multi-disciplinary Design Studio as well as a Commercial and Showcasing platform based in Accra. It is both an evolving immersive experience, as well as a retail destination. A dream factory of design for the senses that inspires, provokes, seduces, and portrays the spirit and creativity of our age. From accessible to collectible, NuAfropolitan’s mandate is to showcase design and creativity, artistically, innovatively, beautifully, comprehensively without fear or favor: creating style events and a visual point of reference for those seeking artistic and cultural inspiration and unique commercial purchases commissioned, made, sourced, inspired or curated to echo the spirit of Africa.

Born out of an effort to elevate and showcase the continents global talent, influence and creative reach, the aim is to establish a lasting legacy, which celebrates the richness, diversity and complexity of Africa’s cultural design and creative heritage. Strategically designed to facilitate international collaborations, exceptional craftsmanship, knowledge preservation, and capacity building, the mission is to collaborate with designers, artists, storytellers and world class powerhouses to create, develop, seek out the latest and most distinctive forms of self expression, where the imagined is cultivated and realized, curating world class ground-breaking exhibitions and producing distinctive works of art.

A unique roll call of, visionaries are constantly approached and invited to curate different moments, pieces, experiences, pushing visual boundaries, exciting and exceeding expectations and generating anticipation. Champions of varying industries, emerging and experienced, they span the four corners of the globe and bare testament to the true polymathic nature of African creativity and its international reach.

We understand and recognize the abundance of African style, design and creativity as holistic and fluid and the notion that mixing, blending and superimposing characterize African culture both past and present. From fashion to landscape, product to architectural design, NuAfropolitan embraces this fusion, offering a commercial platform/space to display and services in varying aspects of design and creativity.

  • Interior Design
  • Architectural design and build
  • Landscape design
  • Visual arts
  • Fashion and accessory
  • Health and Beauty
  • Culinary design